Do vegans eat eggs?

Eggs are not vegan because they come from an animal and are an animal product. However, if no chicken, goose or duck had to suffer from egg production, technically, the eggs could be vegan. Some people may find it quite easy to switch to a vegan diet. With a wide variety of vegan alternatives to chocolate, cheese, meats and more, becoming vegan has never been easier.

Because eggs are a product of the animal food industry, technically, eating eggs on a vegan diet makes it no longer a vegan diet. There is an alternative term for eating eggs but following a vegan and vegetarian diet, and it's called ovo-vegetarian. Most people think that meat is the main food that vegans don't eat because it obviously involves killing. That's why many vegans may struggle to eat eggs while trying to live a vegan lifestyle.

In fact, a study of 15,000 vegans found that vegans had healthier weight, cholesterol and blood sugar levels, compared to omnivores. Some people may confuse healthy eating with vegan diets, and since egg whites are considered to be the healthiest option compared to a whole egg, the question may arise as to whether egg whites are vegan. Vegans do not want to participate in harming animals in any way, whether through animal food products, meat by-products, or products tested on animals. A flexible vegan diet that includes eggs solves many of these problems for people who want to adopt a vegan diet for animal health and welfare reasons, but are concerned about restrictions.

Diets that exclude certain foods and food groups can be difficult to follow, especially when the line between what can be eaten and what cannot be eaten is blurred.

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