What do you call vegans who eat eggs?

Vegans follow the traditional vegan diet, but with one exception they add eggs to their menu of options. Let's hope it's self-explanatory at this point. Lacto-ovo vegetarians eliminate meat from their diets, but continue to consume both dairy products and eggs. Once again, people can choose this lifestyle for many reasons, some of the most common of which are the enjoyment of these foods, concern for proteins and even different philosophies in terms of animal welfare.

Flexible vegans can also be sailors, that is, those who eat fish but not other animal products, or peganos, those who are vegans who eat paleo style. Some people may confuse healthy eating with vegan diets, and since egg whites are considered to be the healthiest option compared to a whole egg, the question may arise as to whether egg whites are vegan. For many, opting for plant-based products, with the exception of eggs, can be a stepping stone to being pure vegans, while for others it's a matter of having tried full-fledged veganism before, but discovering that somehow that wasn't the case. A flexible vegan diet that includes eggs solves many of these problems for people who want to adopt a vegan diet for animal health and welfare reasons, but are concerned about restrictions.

In fact, a study of 15,000 vegans found that vegans had healthier weight, cholesterol and blood sugar levels, compared to omnivores. Most people think that meat is the main food that vegans don't eat because it obviously involves killing. However, there is debate in the scientific and nutritional communities about whether a raw vegan diet has additional benefits to a vegan diet or another vegetarian diet.

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